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Tinnitus Awareness Week – Head Noise

Tinnitus sufferers, are you aware just how prevalent tinnitus is? Would you believe that at least 10% of the UK adult population suffers from this? Tune in Friday at 12pm…Tinnitus pronounced Tin-I tus (Tin- uh-tis), originates from the Latin word meaning to ring.  It is often referred to as Head Noise.

Either head or ears, these noises come from within the body, where there is no outside sound creating it.  Sounds listed or rather heard, include, buzzing, humming, whistling, and of course ringing, from either both ears, an ear or in the head.  They can go on, and on or not for long.  Its’ causes can be due to a hearing loss, sometimes stress or anxiety, or exposure to loud noise.   It can happen at any age, even in young children.  Unfortunately there is still no cure, but research is seriously going on.Tinnitus is not an illness neither is it a disease, yet it can affect daily life.

Only the person with tinnitus can hear tinnitus, which makes it difficult to explain, and probably difficult to deal with, alone. There is help though, via support groups, treatments, and of course your GP.

So, if anytime you feel you may be experiencing tinnitus, it is important that you find out, how you can at least manage it.BTA (British Tinnitus Association) has so much invaluable information on Tinnitus; you can even sample tinnitus noises, just in case you wondering what “Head Noise”(aka Tinnitus) is all about.

 Making you aware…. Because we care….. Tinnitus Awareness week 4th Feb – 10th Feb 2013.

Please check a special show this Friday  8th of February on the  High Noon Mix slot for 1 hour presented by Jazzy M and music from Shola Roden who is hard of hearing her self and will be interviewed as well as playing some of her favorite tunes she is  a part of the Davinci Crew.



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